Original · Order work clothes

Samue & Jinbei (order-made)

Tailoring(made-over) the work clothes Samue & Jinbei

In Wasuian, we will answer each request carefully one by one

  • · I want to change into a rubber sleeves.
  • · I want to fix size a bit.
  • · I want to put my name on the clothes.

Simple price decision, easy to understand

How to re-order

In the next step of shopping, there is the request entry form form.

Please fill in the requested field with letters, positions, positions of threads, color of the thread, location of repair, length, specification etc., refer to the example below.


After confirming your order, we will correct the amount and send you the delivery date and the completed image by e-mail.

※ If you wish to embroidery and tailoring, COD settlement can not be used. Be sure to proceed with the purchase procedure with prepayment settlement.

About various other demands

※ We do not accept production of work clothes and Jinbei by fabrics brought by customers basically.

※ There are also schedules of work clothes samue and Jinbei for other customers, so we may not be able to accept orders with imminent delivery dates.

We also accept OEM from apparel maker and Japanese-style inn in.

We estimate and consult our products for free.

For original work clothing Samue and Jinbei please feel free to contact us below.

Toll-free: 0120-517-368

Reception opening hours by telephone: 9: 30 to 17: 00

(Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays closed)

Original work clothes · Production example

We will manufacture the original work clothes Samue and jinpei according to the order. We are committed to assisting you in producing only one work clothes Samue and jinbei in the world.We accept mass orders in groups as well for sure.

Example 1 Embroidery

【Letter】 八火 【Size】 Vertical about 3 cm / character 【Embroidery thread】 Golden 【Position】 Left chest

Example 2
Example 3