How to choose Samue

Wasuiwan, manufacturing Japanese kimono Samue, introduces how to choose Samue
There are many kinds of Samue and don't know which one to choose!
Support your way of selecting your Samue.


A great variety of work clothes Samue

Wasuian may tell you Samue the best suitable for your request
The type of Samue that "Wasuian" produces and sells is more than 300 kinds when classifying colors and sizes finely.

We are the biggest Samue manufacturer in Japan. There are various Samue according to your preference such as use, comfort, color and size.
The lineup of our Samue is shown in the table below.
Our recommendation Samue changes according to the season, your taste, functionality etc.
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First, for the beginner what is samue? How is it different from jinbei? learn more

How to choose a good samue for beginners

As the method of choosing samue you will not regret buying it later, I will explain the features of a good samue.

1. Durable and long lasting

Whether Samue is tough and lasts long depends on the fabric and sewing, and how to maintain it. The solid thick fabric with high density is hard not to be broken and is tough to be rubbed. Especially weaving methods such as twill weaving and knitting weaving are the old-fashioned weaving methods to make the fabric durable and sturdy.


2. Good comfort


How good the comfort is depends on the fabric and specifications, and the season you may wear Samue. The fabric is generally considered to be comfortable to wear natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk. Compared with natural fibers, chemical fibers such as polyester, you may feel like going wrinkled to wear it.
Polyester is not dirty and easy to dry, so it is excellent, so it's not suitable for relaxing Samue, but for workers wearing Samue as work clothes and uniforms.

About the season to wear, hemp clothing has long been popular in summer in Japan.
After the summer passes, the hemp clothing is not suitable for the cold season, so we recommend you to use cotton thick clothing Samue and cotton wool. It is better that the specification does not have shoulder-seams like clothes.
Kimono can be made cheaper when there are shoulder-seams, however for the Samue is one of the traditional kimono, if there are shoulder-seams, the silhouette should change.


Important way of choosing Samue

Because there are various kinds and uses even if you say "Samue" for a while, do you want it for gifts? do you want to wear as gown? do you want to wear everyday as casual wear? do you like to wear as Samue when you work?

Because of the difference in purpose, how to choose it also change somewhat, specifications, quality, size etc. Here, we will introduce the points of how to choose Samue that you might not regret to buy it.

1.When do you wear Samue?

It would be nice if there was any material that could be worn for all seasons regardless of cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but there is no such convenient material for Samue alone.

If it is thin with 100% cotton, you can wear it for three kinds of seasons in spring and autumn and winter if you wear warm clothes such as a sweater under the Samue in winter, it is hot in Japan, so if you do not wear Samue made of hemp-filled material, it will be difficult to stay cool.

Let's first decide the season to wear Samue clearly.
All the Samue can be roughly divided into three categories: for summer, for spring autumn, and for winter. Samue for winter are tend to be dark colors, Samue in summer are bright colors, it looks cool.

  • ・Samue mainly in the summer → Those containing hemp is recommended as a material
  • ・Samue for spring or autumn (if you wear inner under Samue, it is possible to wear for 3 seasons including winter) → cotton material is recommended
  • ・Samue for winter→ thick cotton such as petite or quilt or wool are recommended

2. Selecting the scene

Stick to high-quality Samue made in Japan.
When choosing Samue, how to choose Samue differs depending on the scene and purpose you wear Samue.
For example, if you do calligraphy or ceramics, you can choose rubber-sleeve type (easy sleeve) or roll-up sleeve type,
If you are wearing it as a casual wear, you may wish to comfortably wear comfortable Samue with a color that should not get tired.

Recently Samue has adopted casual and fashionable, most customers often choose somewhat playful Samue as casual wear of kimono-fashion, but those who relate to temples, shrines are basically wearing orthodox black and white Samue.
Check items you choose depending on the purpose and environment to wear will also change.

  • ・Casual wear or room wear or the gift → orthodox tube-sleeve Samue is recommended
  • ・Work clothes (pottery, calligraphy, soba noodles, zazen, garden care, field work, ryokan work, arrangement, drinking · · ·)
  •  → rubber-sleeve type or roll-up sleeve type are recommended (we have regular Samue which can be changed the type at the different charge)
  • ・ Shrines and temples →·Samue which is easy to work with black and white according to usage scene is recommended

3. Select by body shape Wasuian

Samue size made in Japan variously.
Since any clothing does not look beautiful that are not fitted to your own body shape, selecting Samue suitable for your body shape is important.

However Samue should be worn loosely, it's easy to adjust with a string if you find it bigger than your body shape, it is better to choose a larger size if you don't know which one you have to choose. In Wasuian, depending on the type, it is available from SS size to 3 L size, small and large customers should find the Samue you want.

Also, our shop accepts "Samue and Jinbei 30 days returned or exchanged free".
If you order according to the procedure, you can try it on and change the size free of charge.
Please purchase with confidence.


4. Think about total coordination and choose

If you ignore total coordination with Samue of good material, there should be risk that it looks awkward as a fashion.
Of course there are personal preferences, but let's not easily fit with bags and shoes of Western garments, and match underwear, sandals, geta, muffler, bag, coat with Japanese kimono taste.


5.Select by your taste or preference

Our Samue should be sewn and finished one by one deliberately by Japanese craftmen.
Samue of Wasuian is made in "Kiryu" famous for woven fabric, connecting to the various areas of Japan that create traditional woven fabric, new texture.

Only true craftmen can create, high-quality Samue with confidence, you can wear it for long future, and it is the best gift.

No matter how good the Samue is, if you don't like it, it might be your collection that you seldom wear it, so please your favorite color and design and taste and you should buy your favorite Samue.If you don't figure out what to buy, please feel free to contact us.
Also it will be better for you to consult with your friend and buy it.



After you pick up high-quality Samue, you should take care of it daily.
Most of our Samue are made of cotton and hemp the natural fibers.
Basically you may wash it by the laundry machine, but it will last longer if you wash it by your hand softly.

If you wash it by the laundry machine, we recommend our customers to keep it folded and in the washing net. The dehydration time should be short, and when you hang the laundry, be careful to stretch wrinkle, and there become fewer wrinkle, and it is easier for you to press it with iron.

Also there are some items that you need to be more careful such as Samue of indigo dyed or made of silk, if you wash Samue and Jinbei you buy, you should read carefully the Washing display. It is the point for using Samue for long time to keep it clean.